Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

I'm a Beauty Consultant now... ;-)

It is true that this boredom had been killing me so bad!!

But considering all these facts, I can't just leave my current job:

  • I have signed two years contract with this company
  • I have very nice manager (she really understands me.. he he)
  • I hate to start working from the very low stage again (Oh no way! I've been there before...)
  • I haven't got something more interesting out there with better payment (yah.. there is one there, BUT... my spouse already there... and we don't want to work in the same company... at least for now... people may change right...?)
So, for now... while searching for information about new job with more interesting job descriptions and different field (out of current field)... I am doing several things:
1. Beauty consultant in one MLM (cosmetics and skincare) company (I always feel enthusiastic with beauty product...)
2. Sim Card refill
3. English module writing (he he... actually it is my babe's project, but he is overloaded now..)

Hmmm, hopefully it will kill back the boredom.. !!! I also have something in my mind about a beauty house where everyone who wants to have beauty treatment and cosmetics may come and get what they need...

Hopefully.... Dream will come true...

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